Hennessy Hammock Review


The Hennessy hammock will make you never want to sleep in a tent again.

Extremely comfortable and affordable with great customer reviews

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It looks ridiculously crazy but it does the job and then some. The product is designed to be environment friendly and will not damage any attached trees.

The materials protect from weather conditions on the ground and air. The perfect little sanctuary for you camping trips in the wilderness.


User friendly entrance and exit

Technology that prevents any tipping or unbalance

Resistant from bugs, water and wind

Area inside the interior for extra gear

Excellent customer reviews

Satisfaction guaranteed

Great price

How A Hennessy Hammock Will Make Your Backpacking Adventure Much Better

If you are into backpacking, you know that there are thousands of options to consider when putting your pack together.  There are a multitude of choices, options, models, and variations for each type of product that you will need to pack away.  One huge factor when putting your pack together is what type of sleeping arrangements you will have.  You could choose something as simple as a tarp or bivy all the way up to a larger tent.  Each of these will vary in size and weight.  One option that has become fairly popular recently are hammocks.  One of the better types of hammocks to consider is the Hennessy Hammock.

The Hennessy Hammock is designed so that you have the bottom part of the hammock as well as a top covering you to protect you from the elements.  There is also mesh all around it to protect you just like a tent would.  It offers you a number of advantages while backpacking.

First of all, these are going to be much lighter than a tent and tarp combination as well as more comfortable than a light bivy.  You get the best of both worlds having less weight but still getting the comfort that you want.

Additionally, you won’t have to deal with rocks, roots, and other problems on the ground.  Since you are up in the air, each night will feel about the same since you will be in the hammock versus on the ground.

Since the hammock doesn’t touch the ground, you won’t get all the dirt and debris that you normally have to deal with when setting up a tent or packing away your tarp.  All this dirt typically gets on everything in your pack.  The Hennessy Hammock will help you avoid this problem.

The mesh around the hammock has it’s own advantages.  You can still feel a cool breeze coming through while being able to stay safe from insects especially mosquitoes.  This can be very important when backpacking in certain parts of the world.

Typically once you have learned how to set up the hammock properly, it will only take you about 2 or 3 minutes to properly set it up.  This is a fairly efficient process that you will appreciate after a long hike during the day.

One of the best advantages of this hammock is the fact that you can camp just about anywhere.  You will be able to sleep in locations that you might not ever have been able to such as on a hill.  As long as you have the two trees to tie the hammock to, you will be able to get a comfortable night’s rest anywhere.  This is very important especially if you need to rest for the night but didn’t quite make it to the campground you wished to reach.

While a hammock isn’t a conventional way of backpacking, it’s something that has grown in popularity over the last few years.  There are so many benefits to using the Hennessy Hammock that you should take a good look at using one and maybe including it in your pack on your next trip.

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